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Welcome to Lilyka Solutions, where we specialize in unleashing the full potential of your business. With our expert financial planning, business development consulting, legal services, and project management, we pave the way for your success in the dynamic landscape of Florida’s companies and startups.

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Business Consulting

Unlock Potential, Propel Growth with Excellence.

Project Management

Steering exceptional Visions to Reality.

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David Varón - Business Consultant in Tampa, Florida for treasury and financial Services - Lilyka Solutions


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Lilyka Solutions - Financial Planning, Business Consulting and Project Management in Tampa Florida 2023
About me

Many years of Experience at Business- and Financial Consulting

A reliable and efficient administrative professional with more than 35 years of experience in treasury, financial and project management, business development, networking, staff training and customer service. Well organized and skilled communicator with strength in efficiently negotiating and managing multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.

David Varón | CEO & Senior Partner

Certified by Six Sigma • Se habla Español

Legal & Treasury Services Florida

Financial & Treasury Services in Tampa Bay

30+ years Expertise in Financial and Treasury Services

Legal Industries

• Project Management
• Process Improvement
• Operations & Treasury

Service & Manufacturing

• Project Management
• Process & Operations
• Treasury & Bookkeeping

For Private Customers

• Asset Protection
• Retirement Protection
• Final Expense etc.

Professional Bookkeeping

• Financial Reporting
• Calculation and Analysis
• Automated Monthly KPIs


Empowering Success AND GOALS

Our proficiency in financial consulting and advisory has been honed over many years, enabling us to offer comprehensive services to elevate your business.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the extensive experience and deep knowledge of our professional consultants.

Holistic Approach

Comprehensive services with a wide range of areas, from financial planning to project management.

Customized Strategies

Receive tailored solutions designed to meet your specific business needs and objectives.

Efficiency Enhancements

Streamline your operations and increase productivity with our innovative solutions.

Financial & Treasury Services

Retirement & Asset Protection

In a world of financial uncertainties, safeguarding your future is paramount. Lilyka Solutions, the leading financial partner in Tampa Bay and beyond, offers tailored services to secure your peace of mind. With our Retirement Protection, we ensure your golden years are free from worry, while our Asset Protection strategy keeps your assets secure.

Thinking of the inevitable shouldn’t weigh you down. Our Final Expense solutions are crafted to ease the stress of end-of-life expenses. With Lilyka Solutions, you’re not just preparing for uncertainties; you’re turning them into certainties. Trust in us to be your steadfast partner in safeguarding your dreams and aspirations.

Financial & Treasury

Charting the Course for tomorrow

Ready to secure your financial future? Connect with us at Lilyka Solutions today and let’s shape your success story together.


Business consulting

“Business Consulting at Lilyka Solutions is a transformative service designed to supercharge your business performance. Our experts dive deep into your organizational structure, operations, and market positioning. We craft strategic plans that address your unique challenges, seize market opportunities, and streamline your operations. 

Our consulting services don’t just solve immediate issues – they equip you with the strategies and tools to navigate the business landscape confidently and successfully.”


Tailored Strategies for Your Business Evolution

Ready to unlock your business’s true potential? Engage with Lilyka Solutions today and let’s accelerate your business growth together.



Project Management at Lilyka Solutions is about driving your business initiatives from conception to completion. Our seasoned project managers guide you through each phase of your projects, ensuring alignment with your strategic goals, efficient resource allocation, and timely delivery.

We tackle the complexities, allowing you to focus on your core operations while we manage the project intricacies. With our project management services, you can expect enhanced productivity, reduced risks, and successful project outcomes.


WITH US, YOU ARE Steering Your Business Initiatives to Success

Ready to elevate your project management to new heights of efficiency and success? Engage with Lilyka Solutions today and let’s drive your initiatives forward together.

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